Clinton, NJ

Miller-Remick evaluated alternative energy and power supply arrangements for the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility and the Hunterdon Developmental Center. These sites currently have heat and power under an Energy Services Agreement by the 3.5 MW Noresco Hunterdon cogeneration facility. Our analysis included development of power, HVAC and domestic hot water heating load analyses for over 30 buildings with a combined area of 750,000 SF. The evaluation compared the current centrally distributed heat and power provided under the energy service agreement (ESA) to purchase power from JCP&L and alternative scenarios for boiler heating both for individual buildings and for refurbished central distribution systems.

Additionally, M-R prepared and evaluated alternative methods of providing thermal energy to the Hunterdon Campus. We evaluated the cost, schedule and feasibility of a new underground High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) piping system, and an alternate approach which was to install a campus natural gas system and install individual boilers in all campus buildings. We performed exhaustive soils studies, underground utility location surveys using ground penetrating radar, scanning, and soft digs. We completed the Schematic Design Phase for the individual boiler option, and were then directed to instead prepare final designs for the replacement underground HTHW option. During the design phase, failure began to increase to the main 1000 ft portion of the system that connects the HDC campus to the Noresco Cogen facility. An emergency project to replace this section of the system was initiated.